In the TRACE project, the team members work collaboratively to ‘track the traces’ of radio archival collections in Europe. In seeking to understand the creation, treatment and uses of radio recordings, the TRACE project aims to offer (trans)national perspectives on the impact of conflict on modern forms of cultural heritage. One of the important sources for the research project is past archival catalogues for radio collections, which offer historical metadata on recordings, and constitute an important resource for tracking sound recordings over time and space.

Subproject 1 explores the histories of radio collections in Europe, focussing on historical recordings held today in Western Europe, with attention to former West Germany and the BeNeLux region.

Subproject 2 explores how digitised (meta)data about European radio collections can be best integrated and analysed using digital tools, and contributes to discussions conducted within the fields of media history, digital humanities and data visualisation.

Subproject 3 explores the histories of Central European radio collections for former East Germany (GDR)/Czechoslovakia, focussing on historical recordings held today in Germany and the Czech Republic.